Complimentary & Integrative

As a designer and Yogi I am fueled by my deep curiosity of the human experience. Empathy is the key to truly understanding the needs of my students. I work collaboratively, learning throughout the process. It is deeply rewarding to share the practice of Yoga with people of all ages and conditions who seek optimal health and wellness in the face of life's challenges. Everyone can access Yoga.


 Evidence-based research supports the benefits of Yoga. This 6,000 year old, time honored, intact system of practices beautifully guides one towards their natural state of equanimity. It is an honor and joy to create a sustainable practice for others, regardless of age or physical conditions.


We often bring past experiences into our present ones. This serves us in many ways, such as in survival situations. Paradoxically, it can also hinder us by reacting vs. responding. In order to shift our relationship to challenging experiences we have to unlearn somethings and forget what we know (or think we know). Not knowing is part of the's about the inquiry. A beginners mind serves us well in the path to wellness.


You are the worlds leading expert in YOU. My goal is to understand you and apply my knowledge and skills to design a plan for you in the context of past issues, present concerns, and future aspirations. I will ask a lot of  questions which will likely lead to more questions. And this is a good thing! You are encouraged to ask questions too. It's a conversation.


I encourage curiosity and exploration to foster awareness and the nuances of your physical body. The physical body is an entry point to the workings of the mind. It is said that the body is the mind manifest. When we can assess the mind we can access so much more than we know. Explore respectfully, understanding that the quality of the body and mind differ from day to day.


Remaining flexible is key in the face of in all areas of your life. Not all asanas or practices are right for every body, and what is right today may not be right tomorrow. The path is not linear nor is there an ideal to live into. We are traveling through uncharted territory. Together we can discover the right path towards increased self-awareness that's right for you. Practice compassion with the self.


Through information exchange and exploration a path will unfold providing an approach to benefit you. There will be emphasis on quality of action as opposed to goals.


Through the synthesis of information we can create a plan for our sessions together and equipt you with the skills needed to support your daily practice. This plan is much like treasure map of you. You are the treasure and yes, it will be fun!


As your practice developes, your needs will change. It is important to revisit initial aspirations and intentions from time to time, to reflect on the changing needs of your body, experience and lifestyle. It is a non-linear creative process.