I’m not quite sure I have the words to describe the difference that Heather Ford’s restorative yoga class made for me, but I’ll try. As a beginning student with multiple health issues, the thought of starting a new yoga class was filled with anxiety about whether I would be able to keep up with the class or physically accomplish the required poses. Heather’s gentle, straightforward instruction absolutely dissolved all worry; she is a profoundly calming presence, and radiates calm. Both her verbal and physical instruction is clear, supportive, and easy to follow. I left the class astonished at what a difference 90 minutes could make in my mood. I cannot recommend the class or instructor highly enough — simply remarkable.
— Will, San Francisco

I wanted to start my own Yoga “practice” in SF for my own health and wellness. I took Hatha Yoga in college, but never really did any regular routine of Yoga. I’ve endured physical pain for many years and struggled with how to best to take care of myself. I do believe my body has been holding grief for many years and I’ve been able to get in touch with that grief and release some of that while doing the postures, breathing and silent meditation. The Restorative Yoga has been extremely beneficial in feeling better. What I like about Restorative Yoga is using the breath as we ease into the postures: breathing purposefully, using diaphragmatic breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation. I really appreciate your teaching skills and have gained immensely from the experience. Thanks again for your leadership with Restorative Yoga. You provide an important service of helping people get in touch with mind, body and spirit.
— Jim, San Francisco

In August 2015 I began a weekly group Hatha Yoga practice with Heather Ford. At the age of 61, I had no previous Yoga experience. Heather’s classes were an awakening for me - both mind and body. Even though she was teaching a group, she would individualize moves for each student, based on her/his capabilities and limitations. I also took individual classes with Heather in order to improve my practice and to develop a practice at home. She helped me in countless ways - I would recommend her for either starting or continuing a Yoga practice.
— Martha, San Carlos

In September of this year I had rotator cuff surgery. As my healing process began I attended my weekly physical therapy appointments. While this was helpful I also wanted to add a more holistic approach to my daily routine. I felt like Yoga might be a good fit. I spoke with Yoga Therapist, Heather Ford and she was able to work with my limited range of motion. She helped me to personalize my practice using chair exercise that included a slow scan of the body and awareness of my breath. I found her slow mindful approach to be very helpful in my recovery process. I was also in constant pain both prior to and after surgery. Heather led me through guided meditation techniques. During one of these sessions I had a few moment of deep peace where my pain was greatly reduced. I now use these techniques at night before bed to help relax my body and mind so I can get a better night’s sleep. My physical therapist is impressed with the flexibility that I have gained and I am sure that Heathers yoga instruction played a big part in my recovery. I would recommend her to anyone and anyone who is recovering from surgery. Thank you Heather!
— Tina, Hillsborough